Network Services

Wireless Broadband  Where cables cannot reach

EMNET provides a powerful wireless broadband network for Nottingham businesses and public sector clients.

The network is already well established and fully operational over the Nottingham and surrounding area up to a distance of 15 kilometres. 

EMNET successfully piloted the technology for multi tenant buildings within Nottingham City Centre including The Nottingham Fashion, Confetti Media Centre, The Designers Forum and a range of other buildings.  As part of these services EMNET also installed high power wireless hotspots for public and dedicated use.

Connected companies are able to take advantage of cutting edge applications for high broadband networks such as streamlining communications (mail, voice, video & data) and collaborative use of software.

Our services provide Nottingham with a Wireless broadband network capable of far greater capacity and flexibility than anything currently available in the area. 

Service speeds and capacities of the Network are able to rival SDSL and Leased Line services for a fraction of the cost and a much swifter delivery time.

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