Business Lite
Broadband Package

Regular business Internet user who wants to download multiple items at once or who wants to connect more than one computer to the Internet.

The best Internet solution for businesses that want low contention ratios.

  • Downstream 2000kbs
  • Upstream 256kbs
  • Contention Ratio 50 : 1
  • Usage 250Gb/month*
  • Contract 3 Months
  • IP Addresses 1 IP address included


All prices exclude VAT.
Upload and download speeds stated are maximums.
* Usage must comply with our acceptable use policy.
Maximum download speed from the Internet 2000Kb/s. Maximum upload speed 256Kb/s.


Business Lite£19.99 CONTACT US

All our ADSL Packages include the following features

  • 24x7 High-Speed Internet Access
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Free Static IP Address
  • No Proxy Servers
  • Support Packages for the Small Business
  • No Port Blocking or Traffic Shaping
  • Short 3 month contract
  • Free Customer Support
  • UK Based Support Team